The music of words, the story of places

Maureen Sangster portrait

I am interested in the music of words and the story of places. I write poetry and short drama

What is Love?

Inspired by a visit to Wemyss School of Needlework, 11 May 2019

Unable to call, awkward
distance between
you hold
in your hand
a light wooden hoop:
gripped tight within
stretched like a drum
linen printed
with a pattern to fill in.

You may never see
your friend’s new born joy

but you can choose
three shades of brown wool
two shades of golden
one dark red colour
green colour for paws
and white for sharp teeth

Now you begin
threading the needle
to make the first stitch
of love

Life’s asymmetry
and clumsy breakages of the heart
are laid aside as you start
embroidering her grandson’s lion:
to the breath of other women
as you sit in the stillness, stitching

Outside the light green
leaves of summer whisper, whisper
“What a gift
not the gift
but the making of it.”