I like to entertain in my writing as well as explore emotional and social issues, often taboo. My aim is for readers and listeners to find pleasure, laughter, stimulation, recognition and consolation from my work.


Menopausal Bedtime Rhymes, 2007, by Maureen Sangster

I have been widely published in Scots and English.
My third poetry collection was the award winning Menopausal Bedtime Rhymes (Bourtree).

Other collections are:

  • Out of The Urn by Maureen Sangster
    Out of the Urn
    (Scottish Cultural Press)
  • The Unseen Hospital by Maureen Sangster
    The Unseen Hospital
  • ConversTations by Maureen Sangster and Sheena Berry
    Circle Line: ConversTations
    (Pauchle/Bourtree 2014)

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I often work in collaboration with filmmakers, painters, sculptors, songwriters, musicians and photographers.


Exile, Cupar Festival 2011, collaboration with filmmaker, Jenny Kelly