If In Years To Come

If in years to come
I die and have no rest
Can I come by one night
When all is dark and wet
And horses bleed in fields
And stars are in the mud
Can I come by and call
Can I come in and rest?

When all is dark and wet
And I have, in body, died
Where will my mind be set
If I cannot come and call
And if, in your arms, a girl
Should turn her sweet young head
Do not fear, my love,
She will not see me dead

But, maybe, in the grunts
The cat makes by the fire
Or in the sighing coals
You’ll feel my still warm breath
For, where do souls go to,
But to the ones they loved
And where will I go, love,
When I am truly dead?


©Maureen Sangster, 2013

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