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The Queen and The Poet by Maureen Sangster

The Queen and the Poet

Bourtree, 2014

Circle Line ConversTations by Maureen Sangster and Sheena Berry

Circle Line: ConversTations

Collaborative work with Sheena Berry

Pauchle/Bourtree 2014

Winner Scotrail-ACORP Community Rail Awards 2014

Menopausal Bedtime Rhymes, 2007, by Maureen Sangster

Menopausal Bedtime Ryhmes

Bourtree, 2006

Poetry with illustrations by the author

Winner Callum Macdonald Award 2007 for poetry pamphlet publishing.

The Unseen Hospital by Maureen Sangster

The Unseen Hospital

Kettillonia, 2006

Poetry with illustrations by the author

Out of The Urn by Maureen Sangster

Out of The Urn

Scottish Cultural Press, 1997